Free Home Accessibility and Safety Assessments

It all begins here.

Our passion is keeping people in their homes without sacrificing safety and independence. That is why we'll come to your home, at your convenience, and our occupational therapist and construction team will assess your needs and environment to determine what is required to assist in maximizing independence and quality of life, while reducing the risk of falls and other injuries.

We take a respectful and solution-focused approach to all of our assessments, rather than turning them into high-pressure and uncomfortable sales calls. We'll simply inform you how we can assist you, preserve your independence and safety, and leave the decision up to you. That's all.

Did we mention it is free? Oh, and there's no pressure or obligation?

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Bathroom Safety and Accessibility

Minimizing the hazards of the bathroom.

Any disability can make the bathroom a treacherous and unsafe environment. But it doesn't have to be.

We offer a wide-variety of bathroom safety and accessibility solutions, offered on any scale. We are proud to offer entire bathroom remodeling projects all the way to suggesting helpful items you can place in your bathroom and avoid large renovations.

We offer walk-in bathtubs and showers, grab bars, and handicap-height toilets, among many other products. We are proud to feature MediTub and CleanCut products.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home.

You don't need to sacrifice this wonderful space.

We understand that the kitchen can be the heart of a home. Families laugh and enjoy one another's company. Memories are made. A disability shouldn't hinder your future enjoyment of this space.

We offer accessibility-focused kitchen renovations and remodeling that includes things like wheel chair accessible cooktops, sinks, cabinets, shelving, plugs, and switches.

Your fond memories of the kitchen should not end with an injury, handicap, or disability. We want to help you continue to create memories with your friends, family, and loved ones. We want your kitchen to remain crowded for the holidays.

We'd love to help you enjoy what makes you happy. We want to help you enjoy independence.

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Ramps, Wheelchair Accessibility & More

Don't accept any limitations on your independence.

A disability, injury, or handicap can often restrict your movement within your own home. We don't think you should have to accept that limitation, or accept the risks of disregarding prudent safeguards.

No Place Like Home Remodeling is proud to offer handicapped and wheelchair accessible ramps, doorway widening to allow wheelchair accessibility, and stairlift sales and installation.

Looking to impress your friends?

Looking to make new friends? What better way than over an open fire pit?

Here at No Place Like Home Remodeling, we focus on accessibility for your loved ones. We believe in the family business model. We understand community and the joy it brings when people are brought together. When these elements are combined in one location over an open flame, oh yeah, you guessed it, Friends, Family and Fun!

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The picture is a 12x12 fire pit. Design, stone, lumber and color chose will vary.