back deckin’

“While sitting on my back deck, some little friends dropped by… was my little Rooster Doodle Boy and Kitty Smoke, and it almost made me cry. They sat right down by my side, then Dog Lady came out too! What did I ever do to deserve such devoted friends like you? Mr. Rooster crowed his song for me and Little Kitty purred right along. Then Lady started to howl and bark, to now sing, their animal trio song. This went on for quite awhile, until I joined in. Then one by one, they left the deck, and they have never been seen again!” (Linda Winchell)

Well, that was a valiant try Linda Winchell, not all animals understand good pitch. At No Place Like Home Remodeling we may not be able to read the minds of animals either, but we CERTAINLY know how to build a great back deck!

This customer was in need of a way to not only enter his home safely (he previously had wide concrete steps with no handrails), but also he wanted a place where the family could sit and enjoy a barbecue while taking in the sunset (and a sunrise while enjoying a morning coffee).

Are you in need of a back deck along these lines? Or anything else home improvement related? Are you puzzled or overwhelmed on where to get started? Feel free to email or give us a call today, after all, we’re here to help!