“I, too, would be grief stricken like the rest of the city” (ACEY ADDAMS)

“Second Lieutenant Jack Rine of the U.S. Marine Corps was serving as infantry platoon commander during the Vietnam War when tragedy struck. Rine was communicating with the company commander under heavy gunfire when he felt an intense pain in his left side. Looking down, he discovered what he dreaded most—a bullet wound.

Seconds later, Rine lost consciousness and was medivaced to the spinal cord center of the VAMC. There, he was told the tragic news that he would never be able to walk again. As an avid runner and athlete, this was a devastating blow that would permanently change his life.” (PVA)

“Accepting I needed to use a wheelchair was a big obstacle to overcome. I was diagnosed with MS in 1991 and by the mid-NINETIES, my legs had deteriorated to the stage a walking stick was no longer any use and I really couldn’t get on with a Zimmer frame (especially the ones on wheels). Going out was getting harder and harder as I couldn’t walk very far and even at work there was a problem – I couldn’t drink much in the mornings as I couldn’t walk to the bathroom in the afternoons! So I thought, okay, maybe I should start using a wheelchair.”(MST)

Regardless of how you arrived at your current situation, be it an armed service veteran, an accident or health driven issues, we deal with these types of cases on a daily basis here at No Place Like Home Remodeling. We understand the fear of having to rely on a wheelchair.

We understand what it takes to make this process easier for you, give you a sense of independence, a sense of overall freedom. Along with many ADA compliant possibilities that makes you’re living space more accommodating, an essential aluminium ramp is a great place to start. This client was in-need of accessing the front entrance over the existing steps — this was achieved by installing a ‘straight aluminium ramp system,’ see pictures below for more details:

Are you in-need of a ramp system? Feel free to call or email us today for your free home estimate. Because, at No Place Like Home Remodeling, we’re here to help!