"Ramp Burgers?"

"A third-pound of ground beef and a pile of diced ramp bulbs laced with steak seasoning... no fancy buns required! Let’s eat!"

Dear ole Colten Sorrells, dare I say that sounds delicious! When it comes to cooking; they say keep it simple and let the flavor do the talking. That’s a great notation, however, here at No Place Like Home Remodeling, our ‘diced ramp bulbs,’ are a combination of precise planning and customer needs.

This particular customer was in desperate need of an even surface sidewalk leading from their driveway to their home entrance. If you’ll notice in the pictures below, the existing step/sidewalk combo made it very difficult for aid workers to service our client who’s fully wheelchair bound.

We were tasked with solving this problem and did so by building that much needed even surface sidewalk through careful planning and consideration. Are you or someone you know in a similar situation? Or, do you need guidance on where to start with a home remodel? Do you have a commercial space that’s looking for an upgrade?

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