Custom window and door fabrication

Cobblestone Wine Cellar

"Wanna Get Away?" Well, maybe you're not boarding a Southwest Airlines flight to Cancun or skiing the slopes in Park City, Utah, but, everyone's in need of a relaxing destination.

Are you tired of sharing your backyard with those pesky mosquitoes? Do you long to count the number of hickory nuts amassing in your backyard without gnats buzzing all around you? Okay, you're probably not that interested in counting hickory nuts, but we're all looking for a 'convenient' place to unwind.

Our philosophy at No Place Like Home Remodeling is for those that would like to remain at home can and do so. Along with accessibility, we promote happiness, and nothing says happiness or relaxation, like a 'screened' in cobble stone wine cellar (sorry mosquitoes and gnats, no insects allowed).

We take thoughts and ideas and turn them into something practical, like the below, "Victorian Retreat." Are you in need of a backyard transformation? Call or email us today for a free quote!

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