Don’t be left in the dark

Between overloaded power grids and unpredictable weather patterns, you never know when the electricity in your home will go out. Even worse, once it’s out, there is no way to predict when it will get restored. It could be days, even weeks before you see the sweet flicker of electricity in your home again. The best thing you can do to avoid heating canned beans over candlelight is to prepare your home with a portable generator. (Chase Musser)

You may be asking. “where can I find something like that?” At No Place Like Home Remodeling we often deal with Home Depot’s 15,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generator with an OHVI Engine by Generac.

Featuring never-flat wheels, low-tone mufflers and low-oil shutdown, the Generac GP 15,000-Watt Gasoline Powered Portable Generator with an OHVI Engine offers quiet, dependable performance when you need energy. An idle control increases fuel efficiency and the included wheel kit and lifting eye allow for effortless transportation. The super-efficient OHVI engine offers extended run-times for use at job-sites or for backup power sources.

  • 16-gallon fuel tank runs the generator continuously for up to 10 hours at half load; idle control for improved fuel efficiency

  • OHVI engine is designed for extended run times for use at job-sites or for an emergency backup power source

  • Circuit breaker protected outlets for added safety

  • Low-tone mufflers offer whisper-quiet operation

  • Fuel gauge keeps you informed of fuel levels

  • Electronic ignition for easy start up

  • Never-flat wheels and included wheel kit and lifting eye for easier transport

  • 15,000-Watt running and 22,500-Watt peak power provides reliable power on the

At No Place Like Home Remodeling we’re here to help you along the way as far as making a decision on whether a portable generator of this magnitude is worth it or not — especially when it comes to our senior citizens.

There are some important, but basic questions we should all be considering when the danger of a long-term power outage exists. What about the need to keep food and perishables refrigerated? What if the only cooking source is an electric stove-top? What about staying warm or cool depending upon the weather conditions outside? 

One solution to these life-sustaining questions is the availability of a portable generator when an emergency strikes. In the past most decent standby power generators for keeping power running, was really not that affordable. 

However, technology has improved to the point where one can rely on a mid-range portable generator with relative ease to power their assisted living needs when the power goes out. (Chase Musser)

Benefits of a portable generator:

  • Respirators and ventilators continue running.

  • Recharge power wheelchairs and scooters.

  • Oxygen, suction, and home dialysis machines continue running.

  • It prevents frozen pipes from bursting by maintaining power to your hot water heater.

  • It maintains power to your refrigerator, avoiding the expense of replacing spoiled food.

  • It keeps theft at bay by allowing you to stay in your home to protect it.

  • It eliminates costly cleanups and repair due to overflowing sump pumps.

  • It keeps the water flowing for homes with private wells.

Are you in the market for a portable generator but really don’t know how to go about setting it up? Are you tired of worrying about the seemingly annual power outage? Well, you’re in luck, that’s what we do at No Place Like Home Remodeling, we offer solutions to those types of problems. Let us help you — feel free to email or call us today, and we’ll address any needs you might have — after all, we’re here to help!