A Tidbit About Occupational Therapy

Since April is Occupational Therapy month we thought we would share the important role OT plays in ensuring quality of life and safety in home safety for disabled individuals and those desiring to age in place; in their own homes.

A brief history of Occupational Therapy...OT as a health profession got its start in the early 1910's, with it being officially recognized as a medical profession in 1920. By definition occupational therapy is the use of assessments and treatment to develop, recover and maintain the daily living and work skills of individuals with physical, mental and cognitive deficits. The focus of much of an OT's work is on identifying and eliminating environmental barriers to independence to and participation in daily activities.

No Place Like Home Remodeling's on staff occupational therapist's role is to address all aspects of aging and quality of life for the older adult and disabled. With a focus on function, our OT strives to keep the client independent and safe, reducing healthcare costs associated with hospitalizations and institutional care. During a home assessment we will assess and identify needs associated with safe accessibility of multiple areas of the home to include entrance/exit of the dwelling, and all rooms our client uses to include outdoor spaces. Function and safety, to include optimal lighting, will be assessed in these living spaces- all with emphasis on quality of life throughout the client's lifespan.

We proudly serve the Roanoke, Salem and surrounding areas. No Place Like Home is not just another remodeling company, we have a mission and passion to provide a service, to assist individuals in spending their life time where they are comfortable, where they thrive...in their home!